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Current Vacancies: 

We're on the look-out for a new Vintage Sorter to join us at our warehouse in Barnsley!

Hours: Full-time (37hrs/week)

Start date: ASAP

Daily responsibilities include:

  • Sorting through bales of irresistible vintage, looking for gems and separating stock into our different product categories. 
  • Helping our sales team fulfil orders, ready to be shipped worldwide.
  • Quality checking product to ensure our customers only receive the very best. 
  • Recording completed work and progress. 
  • Working as a team to beat weekly targets.

We want someone with:

  • A knowledge of fashion
  • A keen interest in vintage clothing
  • A positive mindset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proactive attitude
  • Superb attention to detail  

Sound up your street?- We want to hear from you! Send your applications and any questions to 


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