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Vintage Vs Trend

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Vintage Vs Trend

Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2015

We take a look at how vintage has diverged from the niche to a mainstream consumption habit and how you can capitalise on this to increase your profits.

The New Vintage Consumer

Many believe that the vintage clothing and fashion trends shouldn’t mix and that vintage should be about bucking the mainstream fashion markets, not following them. While vintage does still sit outside of the mainstream fashion market and vintage consumers look for individuality rather than going with the crowd, many vintage retailers have seen growth in sales from selling trend-led lines. Capturing those consumers who follow fashion but are looking for more uniqueness in the pieces they wear could see your profits rise ...and that can't be a bad thing!

While you may still think that it doesn’t fit with your business or ethos to follow trends, I mean what can a store that specialises in 1940’s clothing do with a surf trend?! Following a trend can be as simple as the way you visually merchandise your stock and creating fashion focused window displays. Trend blocking; grouping colours, fabrics and on trend styles together and placing them in clear visibility helps attract the attention of those who are less daring with their style but still want something unique, turning browsers in to buyers.

At Glass Onion we look at fashion forecasts and grade our stock accordingly, focusing on trends that will work best with our stock as well as for our customers, helping them maximise their sales.