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The Mini

Posted on Friday, April 03, 2015

The mini skirt may be synonymous with the swinging sixties but this hemline has a much longer history. While Mary Quant is noted as the creator of the mini skirt, this short hemline has much older origins than the 1960’s with the ancient Egyptians and Europeans from 5400-4700 BC being depicted in miniskirts.

In 1926 Josephine Baker appeared on stage in a banana skirt during a performance in Paris, this created a stir, especially considering that showing ankles in public was frowned upon only a few decades previously. The hemlines grew higher over the decades but remained below the knee until the 60’s when the young designer Mary Quant was inspired by “the girl on the street” to raise it several inches above the knee and the mini skirt was born.

The mini skirt was a stark contrast to the full skirts and cinched in waists of the Dior’s ‘New Look’ and was seen as part of the youth culture and feminist movement of the sixties. This new Mod style, which disposed of girdles and bulky fabrics, gave women a sense of freedom and movement.

Vintage Classic

The mini saw a decline in the 70’s when the maxi took over and hemlines dropped back to the ankle but made a comeback in the 80’s and while the length has gone up and down, hasn’t gone anywhere since, with it being a staple for most women’s wardrobes.