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Fresher Markets

Posted on Thursday, September 03, 2015

Studies show that the student market is currently pushing vintage clothing retail forward, making freshers week a key opportunity to target a prime customer base for your vintage business.

Every year millions of young adults head to University to begin life as a student. With the majority heading to a new place with new people, it’s a perfect opportunity for them to reinvent themselves and a perfect opportunity for you as a vintage retailer to capture new customers. Freshers (or 1st year students for those who aren’t familiar with the term) are a market you should be tapping in to this September, if you get them purchasing with you at this stage then you could potentially be reaping the sales from them for the next 3 years and beyond their studies.

Be direct

An easy way to do this is to have a presence at freshers week, don't wait for customers to find you, put yourself in the line of sight. Most universities and colleges hold freshers fairs each September, holding a stall at one of these events is a great opportunity for sales. If you can't attend then paying for advertising at these events allows you to directly promote to this group, though make sure your advert is on target, otherwise it's just a waste of money. Those with shops within a student area have a prime opportunity to engage with this audience. Marketing experts have established the value of using experiential marketing (creating unique experiences around consumers) in encouraging greater brand loyalty. Offering a discount is an easy way to get them through the door, but creating a unique experience once they are there will help gain repeat custom.

Give it away

We all know that students love an offer and even more so during the first few weeks of term. High street stores will often increase their student discount for freshers week to encourage shoppers to spend their student loans with them rather than competitors. 64% of students are happy to engage with a brand that offers a free gift and 25% with those offering discounts, so offering an incentive can help win sales. However, while offers help increase sales short term they rarely lead to brand loyalty so make sure that any sale is reinforced with great service.

Get social

According to BAM's 2014 report, the majority of brands believed face-to-face interactions are the most effective form of communication with students, though social media also rated highly so don't neglect your social media. Freshers week is a fun and exciting time for students, so ensure you capture this in whatever method you use to market your business. If you manage to tap in to your audiences mood then they will want to engage with you.

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