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Sourcing Vintage

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Sourcing Vintage

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

As a wholesaler, the question we constantly get asked is where does all our stock come from. The truth is that the majority of our stock is used clothing reclaimed from recycling bins.

Sourcing Vintage Clothing

When charities aren’t able to process the clothing donations they receive, they sell them on to rag mills. A lot of people disagree with this practice but it allows the charity gets the money it needs quickly, without having to rely on volunteers to sort through the clothing or wait for people to buy items to raise funds. The rag mills sort through the items, exporting any wearable used clothing and recycling any damaged items in to cleaning cloths, insulation and furniture padding, so nothing is wasted. A small portion of clothing sent to rag mills is vintage; this is collected and then sold on to vintage wholesalers, like us! We work with some of the World’s largest rag mills to source stock, buying by the tonne and shipping to our UK warehouse.


Another source of vintage clothing is deadstock, this is surplus of clothing, that went unsold/unused at the time of manufacture and has sat in storage ever since and is mainly military or worker wear (basically uniforms).

What We Do

Once the stock arrives with us our expert team of graders get to work sorting, this means quality checking and sorting items in to product categories, removing any modern, damaged or undesirable items. We do this with each item before it is put in to one of our packs to be sent out to customers.

Responsible Sourcing

Items that don’t meet our quality checks standards, are sent to our clearance event, The Vintage Kilo Sale, along with that week’s handpick stock. We make it our aim to ensure that no textiles from our warehouse are sent to landfill, with damaged items either being reworked for our Vintage Remade collection or sent to be recycled.