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Girl In a Band

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Girl In a Band

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kim Gordon’s memoir, Girl in a band, is released today and as the title suggests, it focuses on her time as the front woman of influential indie rock band Sonic Youth and reminisces about the 1980’s and 90’s, a time she considers was a hot bed for creativity and experimental music.

In the book Kim talks frankly about the ending of her 27 year marriage to Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore. The pair co-founded Sonic Youth in the 1980’s, falling in love and marrying soon after, but divorced in 2012 after Moore began an affair with another woman.

Sonic Youth formed when Gordon moved from California to New York after finishing art school and became integrated in to the art and grunge scene there. Kim kept up this passion for her art, maintaining side projects throughout her time in Sonic Youth, with her visual art became more of a focus after the band and marriage broke up.

Gordon also founded the fashion label X-Girl back in 1994 while pregnant with her daughter Coco, later selling the brand to a Japanese company. Kim’s own style has had a resounding influence on fashion with designers and female musicians alike still copying her laidback tomboy glamour.

We can’t wait to sit and read through the memoirs of a woman who was at the forefront of movement that changed the face of music and encouraged generations of women to become a ’girl in a band’.