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Buying Trip

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015

We source stock from all over the world to find the best possible vintage stock available. Last week we were in France sourcing military surplus.

Arriving in Nimes we took the short drive from the airport to the old factory. A disused manufactures that once produced military clothing.

We sourced thousands of surplus military trousers for a S/S15 high street project. These boxes had been stacked like this, untouched for years.

This factory floor was once bustling with over a hundred machinists.

Boxes of deadstock F2 military pants from the 1980's along with rolls of fabric that would have been used to make work overalls or military garments still line the factory.

There were draws full of vintage buttons ranging from the 1950's to 1980's. Deadstock lining last used in the 1984 when the factory stopped manufacturing.

The view from the front door of the factory. We love our job.

While on the buying trip we decided to spend a night in the Nord Pinus in Arles where Picasso had frequented. The hotel is beautifully decorated with original Peter Beard work hanging on the walls. A great end to a successful trip.