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Denim Dudes

Posted on Friday, March 06, 2015

This new coffee table book has been doing the rounds at Glass Onion HQ. Described as a "street style book with a difference", it features key players in the denim business from across the globe. The book is a great source of inspiration for anyone who loves denim and gives a little insight in to each 'dudes' style.

Carl Malmgren - Stockholm

"I don't overly respect a vintage item if it's something I want to wear. I think it's more interesting to turn an old worn item in to something of your own".

Russel Manley - New York

"The Jacket I'm wearing is a vintage 1940's Lee engineer jacket...The repro ones aren't quite the same - they lack the worn-in, lived-in feel of old denim."

Andy Paltos - Melbourne

"I loved the look of the vintage denim I found, but the fit was never quite right, which was what got me started on customisation. I started adding darts, patching, running the legs in, bleaching, painting them with house paint, etc..."

The book is a great source of inspiration for styling and customising denim and highly recommended for anyone who loves denim.