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Boro Fabrics

Posted on Saturday, February 28, 2015

Boro are Japanese folk fabrics that are considered mottainai or 'too good to waste'. A value we live by ourselves.

Boro translates as rags or scraps of cloths and is a term used to describe items that have been repaired and patched up numerous times, harking back to the tradition of mending items with whatever’s available.

Unable to afford fine silk kimonos worn by the wealthy, workers such as farmers would have clothing made that would last the lifespan of the wearer, sometimes longer. Clothing and household textiles would be repaired by hand stitching in leftover pieces of indigo cottons creating a tapestry of blues that weave a tale with every stitch.

Though born out of necessity, these pieces have become a form of artwork, with galleries producing exhibitions on boro fabrics. They have become sought after amongst vintage collectors too, with the handmade and unique nature of these pieces making them highly desirable.