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Valentine's Dates

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Valentine's Dates

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The day of love is almost upon us and whether you are celebrating it or hating it, we have the 5 most creative ways to spend this Valentine's Day.

Make a Van Damme Movie

Instead of watching a film, why not make one! This may seem very elaborate, but website Funny or Die have released stock footage of Damme, asking fans to make his movie. All you need is an idea, a camera and some basic video editing software. Checkout the footage and download it for free at

Watch childhood cartoons

Find all your old favourite cartoons from growing up and indulge in some nostalgia. Add some florescent coloured sodas, rainbow drops and you have the perfect sugar-fuelled date.

Build a blanket fort

Keeping on the childhood theme, build a blanket fort. Use chairs, cushions, blankets and anything else you can find to assemble the greatest fort ever a living room. Once completed you can even use it to sit inside it to watch your cartoons.

Go Stargazing

This Saturday is set to be a good night for seeing the stars so take a blanket, some hot chocolate and head for the hills. This is much better than sitting uncomfortably in the cinema for two hours watching 50 shades of grey.

Lucky dip dinner

Do you mock those couples making awkward conversation over their over-priced 'romantic' dinner? (Sorry but pink cava served with the steak doesn't suddenly make it romantic). How about making your own meal instead? Ok so slipping in to a cliche here, but why not get out all those recipe books you keep telling yourself you'll make something from and do a lucky dip dinner. Simply close your eyes and randomly open the book on a page to choose a recipe. Do this 3 times, preferably with different books, to create a three course menu that is sure to be a dining experience. This is a great one to do with a few friends as you can share out the work.